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Dwarf leadplant with woody base, still reminding herbaceous perennial.

Usually up to 2' tall and wide, spikes of honey fragrant purple flowers with orange anthers in June/July, ornamental compound leaves.

Naturally occurs in drier short grass prairies, hillside and rocky slopes, well drained areas and is very drought tolerant.

Grows well in full sun, or half sun, prefers somewhat drained soils, rocky, shallower soils (amend your soil with some gravel and sand), it will tolerate leaner soils and dry clay too. Average moisture to dry.

Native to states from Texas, diagonally through central USA and part of Midwest, see the USDA distribution map.

Hardy in zones 3 to 7, deer and rabbit resistant, black walnut tolerant plant. Attracts pollinators and butterflies. Host plant for larvae of Silver Spotted Skipper butterfly.

Best in dry flower beds, rock gardens, dry slopes, rocky soils, pollinator gardens, erosion control on dry soils and slopes, xeriscape.

Picture copyright : Denis.prévôt, Commons Wikipedia

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot