Aster ericoides 'Schneegitter' (Symphyotrichum) - HEATH ASTER 'SCHNEEGITTER'

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We offer this German cultivar as the first in USA. 'Schneegitter' (translated means "snow lattice") grows up to 2.5' tall and 2-3' wide clumps. It's thin arching branches are covered with tiny white flowers with yellow centers.  Blooms from the end of August until mid-October.

Modest and adaptable perennial, for medium to dry soil in full sun or half shade. It will tolerate clay soil, that is not waterlogged. Drought tolerant perennial - can grow in shallower, poor, rocky or sandy soils.

Heath Aster cultivars are highly popular and often used in European gardens, but in USA these cultivars are unknown. Could be, because Aster ericoides is native wildflower to bigger part of North America, and for many people it is "weedy" or "too common" plant...

Even this is garden variety, it will most likely still attract many native bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Deer and rabbit avoid this plant, but they can occasionally nibble on young sprouts.

Goes well with most many border perennials and prairie plants, grasses or small flowering shrubs. Hardy in zones 4-10.

It will set up viable seeds here, so we recommend cut it back, when it's finishing with flowering.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot