Chelone lyonii 'Pink Temptation' - TURTLEHEAD 'PINK TEMPTATION'

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Nice see strain cultivar of turtlehead, adaptable with regular dense upright mounds and groundcovering habit.

Shiny green leaves are topped by pink turtle-shaped flowers in late summer and early fall (July/August to September).

1.5" tall and wide, grows slowly into dense ground covering clumps. Hardy in zones 3 to 9.

Full sun, half sun (full sun with constant moisture, some shading during the day is useful, especially in southern states). Adaptable to most types of soil, that stay medium-moist, moist or wet, including heavier soil or clay.

Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Deer, rabbit and disease resistant nativar. Good cut flower.

Wild species of Chelone lyonii is native to southeastern and east coast states, see the USDA distribution map.

For flower beds, as edging plant, rain gardens, stream bank, water banks, moist to wet meadows, woodland edges, bigger containers.

Cultivar introduced by Jelitto in 2006.

Picture copyright : Jelitto

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5" deep perennial pot