Coreopsis rosea 'Alba' - PINK TICKSEED 'ALBA' (WHITE FORM)

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Pink Tickseed 'Alba' - Coreopsis rosea 'Alba'- brings bright green, 1' tall x 2-2.5 ' wide clumps of very finely dissected foliage and small white or whitish flowers with yellow centers. 

Fine and delicate texture, blooms in mid to late summer. Shear after flowering to encourage blooms all summer.

Easy to grow perennial in sunny to half shaded place with medium moisture. In comparison with many other native coreopsis - this one likes more moisture, and is not very drought tolerant! It will grow in any soil, that doesn't dry out (including clay or sandy soil). Performs better in somewhat cooler areas.

Pink form is indigenous wildflower to eastern and southern USA, see the USDA map for distribution. USA hardiness zones 4-9

Deer resistant plant, attracts butterflies.

Good edging plant in borders, cottage gardens, along paths, butterfly gardens or in naturalistic plantings. Even it makes quite dense mat of leaves, it can't compete with bigger stronger plants, so we would recommend it more as "filler" perennial than ground covering perennial.

Picture copyright : Doug McGrady, Flickr

Pot Size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot