Darmera peltata (Peltiphyllum peltatum) - UMBRELLA PLANT

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Large-leaved perennial, that flowers way before leaves appear.

Umbrella plant is native to Northwestern California, southwestern Oregon and Utah and grows along mountain streams and moist woods.

This plant looks very attractive in flower already - bare darker stems hold clusters of small pink-white flowers in April. Later large leaves show up, round and lobbed and up to 18" in diameter. The leaves persist for the whole season until fall, when they turn orange red or dark red.

This perennial needs some room, because it spreads by rhizomes, but it is not fast or aggressive spreader, it forms 3-5' tall and wide clumps of ground covering leaves.

Average soils, medium moist to wet, half shade to full shade (can grow in full sun only if the soil stays constantly wet, if the soil dries out, the leaves scroll).

Performs best in cooler areas, so it is not suitable for hot climate of zone 8 and more. Hardy in zones 3 to 7.

Beautiful robust plant for bigger areas in woodland gardens, moist woodland edges, along streams and ponds, bogs, wet depression, rain gardens, as bank and erosion control plant. Looks well with Aconitum, Anemone hupehensis (A. japonica and hybrids), Astilbe, ferns, Primula japonica, or some Hostas.

Attracts many spring insects - butterflies, bees and beetles. It is deer and rabbit resistant plant.

Picture copyright 1- Michael Wolf, Commons Wikipedia , 2 - Wouter Hagens, Commons Wikipedia

Pot Size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot