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One of the top performers at Mt. Cuba Coneflower trials 2018-2020 and still excellent for pollinators! Double win win!

"Echinacea ‘POST301’ (Postman) is a member of the Butterfly™ Series from Arie Blom of AB-Cultivars in the Netherlands. Each cultivar in this series is named for a different butterfly, in this case the Mexican and Central American postman butterfly (Heliconius sp.).

This coneflower is known for its large, intensely colorful flowers and prominent dark cones. Beginning in June, showy oversized buds with attractive dark centers are held well above the foliage, a feature that greatly expands its season of interest. The buds are then followed by 4.5″ marigold-yellow flowers that transition to crimson-red in early July and eventually fade to shades of watermelon pink later in the month.

The sheer size and quantity of blooms can cause some flopping later in the season, although timely deadheading can counteract this tendency." Mt. Cuba 


34" tall x 32" wide, flowering from late June to mid July (with peak in early July).

Sun, half shade, average soil with average moisture.

Deer and rabbit resistant, favorite of pollinator and butterflies. Black walnut tolerant.

Patented cultivar under PP28524, propagation is prohibited.

Top performing coneflower for sunny garden, goes well with majority of perennials for sun.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep pot

Picture copyright Mt. Cuba