Eupatorium coelestinum 'Wayside' (Conoclinum) - EUPATORIUM COELESTINUM 'WAYSIDE' (short and compact)

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Also called Conoclinum coelestinum 'Wayside Variety' - it is very similar to the wild species except the plants are a bit more compact, the flowers are nice deeper blue, bright green crinkled leaves. This cultivar is slower growing, doesn't spread much and stays more in smaller clumps, just slightly over 1' tall. Slow to emerge in the spring (late April).

This perennial spreads by underground rhizomes, so leave some more space for it, or let it naturalize.

Can be used wildflower garden, pollinator gardens,naturalized areas, along water bodies, erosion control, in open woodland garden and in flower borders (where spreading roots will not interfere with other plants). Perfect for wet clay or any wet soils.

Good perennial companions can be native or nativars of Aster, Lobelia siphilitica, Solidago, Rudbeckia fulgida,Vernonia or introduced Rodgersia, big Hosta, Polygonatum. Stays ornamental with it's dead seedheads.


Blooming time : September to October

Size : usually about 15" tall x 12-15" wide

USDA zones : 5 to 9

Culture : sun, half shade, dappled shade, average soil, clay, organic rich, wet soils, wet clay

Moisture Needs : prefers more moisture in soil, but is quite adaptable and grows well in average moist soil, moist and wet soil

Origin : wild species is native to the Eastern United States – can be found in wet woods, at bluff bases, along streams, ponds and moist ditches. See distribution on the USDA map.

Deer/rabbit resistant : yes/yes

Attracts Butterflies or Pollinators : long-tongued bees, butterflies, and skippers, also other small insects (small native bees and beetles)

Attracts Hummingbirds : no

Pot Size : square 3.5“ x 4“ deep perennial pot