Geranium sanquineum 'Shepherd's Warning' - BLOODY CRANESBILL 'SHEPHERD'S WARNING'

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'Shepherd's Warning' is cultivar with bright cerise-pink flowers, low creeping and ground covering growth, nice red fall leaf color and some re-blooming in summer.

Award of Garden Merit by RHS (Royal Horticultural Society, UK).

Otherwise it is similar to other G. sanquineum varieties in the needs and use.

Native to Europe, but quite popular in North American landscaping.

Grows only to 5-9" of height and 12"-14" of width and is slowly spreading into a bit wider clumps. Regular, dense mounds of fragrant dissected leaves, flowers for shorter period in May/June and sporadically reblooms in July-August. Red fall foliage color.

Groundcovering plant for full sun, half shade and virtually any soil, that is not waterlogged (tolerates clay, dry soils, sandy or rocky).

Average moisture to dry soil, grows fairly well in dry shade too. Hardy in zone 4 to 9.

Deer and rabbit resistant plant. May attracts some pollinators - butterflies and honey bees.

Very dependable perennial for edges, front of the perennial bed, edges of woodland gardens, rock gardens, big containers, roof gardens,...excellent filler and very good ground covering habit, can be used as single plant in small flower bed, in groups or in masses as groundcover.

Very adaptable plant that can be combined with many perennials, an excellent companion of popular daylilies (Hemerocallis) and bearded Iris (Iris x barbata, Iris x germanica) or Amsonia. It meets in bloom with late Peonia, late blooming bearded Irises or Salvia nemorosa (Salvia x sylvestris hybrids).

Pot Size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot

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