Geranium viscosissimum - STICKY PURPLE GERANIUM

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This is hardy geranium, native to central/western part of USA.

(see the USDA distribution map).

Clumps of divided leaves, branched flowering stems with saucer-shaped purple to pinkish-white flowers (1-1.5" wide), flowers from the end of May to August, with the peak in early summer. Sticky hairy stems.

Mostly sunny spot, half shade, dappled shade, dry to medium moist, but drained soil, average garden soil, that is not waterlogged or too heavy.

This perennial is not common in horticulture, still it has some potential and we are testing in our "Arrowhead flower bed", in half shade, with some sand-amended and somewhat drained soil and hot humid summers of Midwest. It probably won't bee too long-lived, but should re-seed. We expect to be somewhat ground covering and that it should grow fine in drier shade.

Attracts butterflies and is deer resistant.

For half shade gardens, meadows, woodland edges, naturalistic plantings, butterfly gardens.

Pot Size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot