Heuchera villosa 'Citronelle' - CORALBELLS 'CITRONELLE'

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Bigger, vigorous, heat and humidity tolerant cultivar, one of the top performers in Heuchera trials at Mt. Cuba Center.

14"/24" tall (w/wo flowers) x 30" wide clumps of golden leaves, that fade to chartreuse in summer. Insignificant white flowers form early July to mid August.

The leaves may burn on full sun, so half sun, or better half-shade to dappled or light shade are the best.

Average soils with average moisture (medium, medium-moist), enriched by some organic matter or compost.

Tolerates clay, but heavy wet clay will affect the longevity. Established plants do well in dry shade!

Hardiness zones : 4 to 8. Deer and rabbit resistant, attracts small native bees.

Patented plant, hybridized in France by famous plantsman and breeder Thierry Delabroye (2007). This is patented cultivar under no. PP17934 and unlicensed propagation is prohibited.


Excellent longer-lived perennial for half shade beds, woodland gardens, bigger containers,under planting shrubs and trees, edges, dry shade garden (under trees).

Leaves stay semi-evergreen to evergreen (in warmer zones) and combine perfectly with late spring bulbs like daffodills, grape hyacinths or late tulips.

Good perennial companions can be native and non-native plants like Amsonia, Anemone x hupehensis, Asarum, Brunnera, Epimedium, Geranium maculatum, Gillenia, Helleborus, Hosta, Iris cristata, Penstemon (P. digitalis, calycosus, smallii), Polemonium, Polygonatum, Stylophorum...

Looks marvelous with native sedges (Carex) or Hakonechloa or ferns.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot

Picture copyright : Mt. Cuba Center, Delaware