Kniphofia citrina - LIME SELECT - RED HOT POKER (Z6a to 11)

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Less known "Red Hot Poker" with citrus yellow flowers in June to July.

Strap-like leaves, flower spikes up to 7" long, with changing colors from light lime green to yellow to greenish. These are seedlings, so the color may differ a but with every plant.

Grows to 3' tall and wide, with flowering stalks above (the height depends on the area, where you grow it).

Requires full sun, and (well) drained fertile, loamy soil (make bigger planting hole and mix in sand and fine gravel). Adding gravel around the crown of the plant may be helpful for successful owerwintering. The hotter and sunnier the better overwintering. Some winter protection in cooler areas is helpful too (leaves, straw).

Attracts hummingbirds, deer resistant plant.

Hardy in zones 6a to 11. Origin - South Africa.

Fur sunny flower border with drier soil, citrina's color tunes well with most of the colors of other plants (cold tones or hot colors). Combine with perennials like Asclepias tuberosa, Corepsis, Echinacea, medium sized grasses.

Picture copyright : Jelitto

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot