Lysimachia ciliata - FRINGED LOOSESTRIFE

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Tough, adaptable and spreading wildflower, tolerant to all light/shade conditions, with quite long flowering season.

Usually grows to 2', spreads wide to form colonies in time.

Grows well in full sun, half shade and even shade, virtually in any soil with average (medium) to medium-moist to slightly wet soil. It likes some moisture and tolerate seasonal floods.

In ideal conditions - moist loamy soils - it can become aggressive plant, so it's not suitable for small or conventional flower beds, but it behaves much better in a bit drier or medium moist soils.

Flowers for quite long period for about 1.5 month - usually June to August, and is source of nectar for several native bees and host plant for some small beetles.

It is native wildflower to most states - excluding Louisiana, Arizona, Nevada and California, where it naturally occurs in moist to wet areas of deciduous woodlands, swamps, soggy thickets, wet prairies, marshes, seeps, borders of streams.

Hardy in zones 2-9. Deer and rabbit resistant plant.

Best for naturalizing in wild gardens, close to water bodies, excellent for eroded banks and slopes, pond and stream margins and colonizing. Good companions can be taller plants that are good competitors like Asclepias incarnata, Boltonia asteroides, Chelone, Eupatorium, Filipendula rubra, Hibiscus mocheutos and hybrids, moisture loving Irises (I. sibirica, I. x louisiana, I. x pseudata, I. versicolor, I. virginica), Physostegia virginiana or Veronicastrum virginicum.

It has famous cultivar with dark purple-brown leaves - 'Firecracker' (or also sometimes sold as Lysimachia ciliata var. purpurea)

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Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot