Salvia 'Evening Attire' - SAGE HYBRID 'EVENING ATTIRE'

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Large-flowering and early sage that meets late tulips. Deep blue flowers in late spring to early summer.

Great compact and non-flopping hybrid of Salvia nemorosa and Salvia pratensis. Great introduction from Walters Gardens - 'Evening Attire' belongs to FASHIONISTA® collection and is patented under PP32573 (propagation is prohibited)

20-22" tall x 24-26" wide clumps, bigger aromatic leaves deter deer and rabbits. Pollinator friendly perennial (honey bees, some native bees, butterflies and even early hummingbirds).

Full sun to half shade, average soil with average moisture. Tolerates clay (that draines naturaly, and doesn't stay waterlogged), adaptable to many soil types (including sandy or gritty soil). Tolerates some droughts, but will appreciate occasional watering in very dry periods.

Easy to grow plant, quickly to establish, reliable longer-lived performer.

Suitable for zones 3 to 8.

Sunny flower beds, bigger containers, bigger rock gardens, pollinator gardens, cut flower gardens, for edging or mass planting.

Can be combined with many common perennials for sun and will meet in flower with late bulbs, with Amsonia, Baptisia, Dianthus, early bearded Iris (dwarf or early medium), Geum, Geranium sanquineum, medium-height Phloxes hybrids (Phlox carollina hybrids) or early Peonies.

Pictures copyright : 1 - US Perennials nursery, 2 - Walters Gardens

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot