Sedum aizoon 'Euphorbioides' - AIZOON STONECROP

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Modest, tough stonecrop, very drought resistant, with ornamental leaves, dark stems and golden flowers fading to bronze-orange.

Even in culture since 18th century (and proven to be great garden plant), it's still somewhat underused and overlooked.

Groundcovering clumps, somewhat upright growth, 10-12" tall and wide. With the flowering peak in mid summer.

Full sun, half sun, average soil, drained soils, rocky, sandy or shallow soils, with average moisture to dry.

Pollinator friendly plant, but deer and rabbits avoid it.

Plants originate in Siberia, Mongolia, China and Japan.

Best in sunny flower bed, dry slopes, roof gardens, rock garden, gravel garden, or on shallow soils.

Looks great with short or medium sized grasses (Bouteloua, Schizachyrium, Sporobolus, Muhlenbergia), and goes well with drought tolerant perennials like Asclepias (tuberosa, verticillata), Echinacea, bearded Irises, Nepeta x faasenii, Paeonia, Salvia nemorosa hybrids, and many others.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot

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