Solidago canadensis 'Little Miss Sunshine' - DWARF CANADIAN GOLDENROD 'LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE'

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Dwarf cultivar, that doesn't spread aggressively. Great for the front of the flower bed to attract Monarchs, pollinators and other butterflies.

12-18" tall x 15-18" wide clumps, topped with golden-yellow clusters from August to September.

Cultivar selected by seed company Jelitto in 2016, doesn't spread uncontrolled.

Sun, half shade, any soil from shallower soils to clay, medium-moist to medium-dry. Drought and black walnut tolerant.

Hardy in zones 2-9.

For sunny flower beds, pollinator gardens, butterfly gardens, bigger containers. Modest, easy to grow beneficial perennial, better mannered than the robust and aggressive species.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot

Picture copyright : Forest and Kim Starr, Commons Wikipedia (picture shows S. canadensis)