Woodwardia areolata - NETTED CHAIN FERN

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Deciduous fern, native to eastern and southeastern North America. Typically occurs in woodland swamps, marshes, flood plains, still water or bogs.

See the USDA distribution map.

Grows to 1.5-2' tall x 1-1.5' wide, creeps by shallow rhizomes, but it is considered as well-mannered fern. Still in good conditions and in time, can form bigger colonies up to the point being "weedy". Fertile leaves are narrow pinnatifid, while sterile are wide pinnatifid. Grows into dense, neat looking fern.

Easily grown in average garden soils, or organically rich, medium to wet, in half shade to full deep shade. It can handle sun too, as long as soils are kept consistently moist.

Genus Woodwardia honors English botanist Thomas Jenkinson Woodward (1745-1820).

For shade gardens, woodland gardens, woodland edges, bog gardens, along water bodies and streams.

Picture copyright : Katja Schulz, Flickr

Pot Size : square 4.25" x 5" deep pot (quart)