Asclepias verticillata - WHORLED MILKWEED

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Delicate looking milkweed with fragrant white flowers in the summer and needle-like leaves.

Naturally occurs across the whole USA, except western North America on sandy, dry, or rocky soils of prairies and open woods.

Grows to about 1'-2' tall and wide and it will moderately spreads by underground rhizomes, but it's not invasive (it can also self-seed, so if the seedlings are not desirable, remove the seedpods). Attracts lots of native bees, wasps, moths, skippers, butterflies and many other insects and hummingbirds too.

It looks the best in naturalistic plantings, naturalized in dry meadows, butterfly, monarch or pollinator gardens or with rocks. Best combined with rough structure plants like Echinacea, Rudbeckia or grasses.

Prefers full sun and drier soil, but it will tolerate half shade and medium moisture and clay soil too. Hardiness zones 3-9.

So far underused native perennial, deer resistant plant, clay, poor and shallow soil tolerant plant. Perfectly adapted to hot and humid climate of the Midwest.