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Perennials For Pollinators

North America has an unbelievable 4000 species of Native bees! These native bees are the main pollinators for all of the North American plants, but are an unappreciated treasure. Before European settlers brought honey bee hives from Europe, there were no honey bees on the whole continent. Honey bees quickly managed to escape from domestication and formed swarms in cavities of hollow trees.

With the alarming decrease of insects in the world, it is more than important to support native bees, butterflies and other insects through the planting of native plants in all forms...native annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. We have to rethink our lawns.  Many families only use a small portion of a lawn, but insist on pouring time and chemicals on grass, which does nothing for wildlife, while the chemicals run off into waterways.  We simply have to do more gardening and grow more flowers. Gardening is also very beneficial and healthy for us, making us happy, fulfilled and connected.

For more information about the best plants for pollinators of your region visit this great website - Xerxes - for Pollinator-friendly Plant List.