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Posted by Radovan Hajek, US Perennials on 12th Feb 2023

Hello fellow gardeners, I got totally excited, that the spring is very close, and the bulbs are sprouting, early perennials budding and Crocuses even blooming! So, I started to cut down all the perennials, that had been growing in the front yard. It was 4th of February, here in Bloomington, IN, zone 6. Yes, earlier than usual due to mild January. Climate patterns change each year. January here was very mild and crocuses were trying to bloom a… Read more

Posted by Radovan Hajek, US Perennials on 21st Jan 2023

Calamintha nepeta ssp. nepeta is an excellent garden perennial notable for its adaptability, durability, very long flowering period and attractiveness for many pollinators. Named perennial of the year 2021 (announced by Perennial Plant Association, USA), it’s still unknown in landscaping in many parts of the eastern USA, which is why I decided to re-introduce this plant. If you haven’t seen it in American gardens, don’t worry because this pe… Read more

Posted by Radovan Hajek on 4th Feb 2022

"Monarda bradburiana is one of my personal “top ten” plants. It’s a dramatically underused plant with a (currently) small following, a following it certainly does not deserve. Most Monarda you’re likely familiar with have a high susceptibility to diseases like Powdery Mildew, leaving them totally defoliated and 100% ugly around July and August. Monarda bradburiana on the other hand is still boasting a mass of deep green, glossy leave… Read more

Posted by Radovan Hajek, US Perennials on 2nd Feb 2021

It’s wonderful that Botanic Garden and Research Center Mt. Cuba in Delaware runs their trial gardens. One of many reasons, why this place was voted the Best BotanicGarden in 2020.Quite recently Mt. Cuba started to observe attractiveness for pollinators on the trialed plants. This is a difficult, maybe debatable task...Do the plants only attract or truly support the pollinators? There is still a lot of unknown, especially about the quality of n… Read more