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Rock Garden Perennials

A rock garden (or rockery or an alpine garden), is a (smaller) special garden or garden feature, with aesthetically arranged rocks, stones or boulders of different sizes.

Rock gardening mimics natural rocky scenery, naturally occurring rock formations and often creates specific growing conditions among the rocks or small niches for plants with specific needs. That allows to bring plants from all possible parts of the world and combine them in one rockery, if the conditions for certain plant match.

Smaller, unique, rare, tricky to grow, unusual or collectors plants are usually grown there.

For rockery is typical drained soil (soil with gritty component) - depending where the plant niche is located, it can be dry spot, or drained spot with constant moisture (base of the rock heap) or even small cool and moist shade position. Very dry rock gardening can be called xeriscape.

Rock gardens can be cultivated in crevice gardens (well drained formations of rock with very narrow gaps for plants = moist, cool space for roots, but also well drained), bigger container or troughs and for a few lucky ones on natural rock on your property.    Similar conditions for some plants can be created in gravel or sand gardens.

Our nursery is in hot and humid climate, zone 6, simply not the best region for growing true alpine plants. But there are quite a few plants of ours, that will do well and look well in drained soils.

Our "rock garden plants" don't come from high altitudes or difficult climates, so they are easier to grow and more forgiving, but usually also bigger and taller than the typical alpines. They are more on the scale of the biggest plants that can be used in rock garden.

These plants can be from Central or Southeastern USA, Europe or Asia, from areas with presence of rocks, rocky soils or rock mats and include any smaller plant, grass, fern or spring ephemerals.