Shipping Time Frame


US Hardiness Zones


Shipping Dates


1 - 4


Mid May





Early May





Mid April



7 - 10


Late March



  • Orders are filled or reserved on an as-received basis.
  • You will be charged when your order is placed, not when your plants are shipped. Your plants will be marked as sold and reserved until your shipping date.
  • We will ship as soon as possible, usually within two weeks; however, springtime is our busy season which may prolong shipping times.
  • If you have a specific time frame you want to receive your order, please make a note when you would like to receive your plants - in the order comments section at the end of your order.   We will do our best to fulfill your request.
  • We ship Monday - Wednesday to minimize stress on your plants. It can be damaging to the plants to sit in a baking hot or freezing cold delivery truck or warehouse over the weekend, in addition to the regular shipping time, this also means your plants arrive just before the weekend, when people generally have more time to garden.


Why don’t we offer FREE SHIPPING?


  • We have considered offering free shipping, but we believe that our prices are competitive enough to off-set shipping charges.


  • Shipping charges are automatically generated through our carrier (UPS). Costs are determined by weight and delivery zone. We pass along our discounted rates to you for the lowest prices on shipping.
  •  There is no real free shipping, the shipping costs are included in the price of the product you're purchasing or are “paid for" in some other way.


  • When we do offer FREE SHIPPING, you can rest assured that it is truly FREE to you. We do not inflate our prices to adjust for the shipping.


No minimum order requirements.