Nepeta x faasenii 'Six Hills Giant' - GIANT CATMINT 'SIX HILLS GIANT'

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Very robust, archetypal catmint (other newer cultivars are compared to this one). Free flowering, vigorous and pest free.

Excellent garden performer, recommended by Chicago Botanic Garden in Nepeta trials (4 stars out of 4).

Sterile, not seeding, large clumps up to 3' tall x 3.5' wide. Full sun, half sun, average soil, drained soil, medium-dry to dry soils.

Tolerates shallow soil, rocky soil, dry clay, drought, heat, air pollution.

Prefers somewhat leaner and dry soil, because fertile and moist soil lead to fast growth and "crawling' and opening the clump. Otherwise grows upright, stems are thick and stable.

Typical smaller blue flowers from June to September, with the peak in June/July, later on flower lot less. Can be cut back in July for new full flush of blooms in August and late summer. Aromatic gray leaves.

Hardy in zones 3 to 8.

Attracts butterflies, honeybees and potentially some native bees too. Deer and rabbit resistant.

Parentage of this hybrid is unknown, but it's one of the tallest nepeta available.

Goes well with many common perennials, looks the best, if combined with bigger flowers (Echinacea, Coreopsis, Hemerocallis, Rudbeckia, Paeonia, Iris) and bigger grasses (Panicum, Sorghastrum, Andropogon, Schizachyrium).

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot

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