Nepeta x hybrida 'Weinheim Big Blue' - CATMINT 'WEINHEIM BIG BLUE'

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Big, BIG surprise, very promising plant that grows and looks well for the most of the season in our hot and humid climate of south central Indiana and isn't bothered by heavier soil.

Long flowering period, pollinator friendly and chic reddish fall color. It's awesome, that the genus Nepeta didn't say the last word!


2.5' tall and wide mounds, spreads some by rhizomes to form wider clumps (keep some room around).

Large deep purple-blue flowers from mid/end of June to Mid/end of August (longer in cooler areas), bigger fresh green leaves.

Aromatic leaves = deer and rabbit resistant. We observed several species of native bees feeding on nectar.

Full sun, half sun, average soil, heavier soil, clay, with average moisture (medium) to medium-moist.

Expected hardiness in zones 3/4 to 8.

So far for us trouble free perennial, great filling plant for the middle part of the flower bed.

Looks great with Hemerocallis (especially yellow, or yellowish), goes well with majority of medium sized or taller perennials (Aster, Echinacea hybrids, Iris, Monarda, Helenium, Heliopsis, Helianthus, Paeonia) and grasses.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot

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