Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Golden Arrow' - MOUNTAIN FLEECE 'GOLDEN ARROW'

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Compact cultivar with dense ground covering growth, golden leaves, spikes of red flowers in late summer.

Usually 2.5' tall x 1.5-2' wide clumps, that slowly spread wide to groundcovering mounds.Flowers from June/July to September.

Full sun to half shade, it appreciates some afternoon shade in hotter climates, but it does well in quite hot Indianapolis (Newfields Gardens).

Prefers moisture, medium-moist (average) to wet soil, grows better in heavier soil, clayish soils and loam.

Hardy in zones 4-7, deer and rabbit resistant, pollinator friendly.

Other names are Polygonum amplexicaule, Bistorta amplexicaulis, this hardy and trouble-free perennial originates in Eastern Asia and Himalaya region.

Leave some room for this plant, since the clumps will get wider in time. It may re-seed some, but it's more likely rare.

Excellent perennial for flower beds, on the edges of woodland gardens, clearings in woodland garden, in rain gardens, pond margins, cottage gardens, moist soil

Good companions are Asters, Agastache foeniculum or hybrids, Asclepias incarnata, Eupatorium, Hemerocallis (daylily), Leucanthemum superbum, Phlox (paniculata, carolina, taller hybrids), Sanquisorba, Veronicastrum and taller grasses like Panicum, Andropogon gerardii, Pennisetum.

This plant goes well with hosta (for half shade location).

Pot size : round pot 3.5" x 5.5" deep

Picture copyright : cultivar413, Flickr