Solidago shortii 'Solar Cascade' - SHORT'S GOLDENROD 'SOLAR CASCADE'

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Goldenrods are unfortunately not very popular perennials, but they are all very beneficial for pollinators and butterflies for it's late flowering, they are tough plants - drought tolerant, usually clay tolerant and also deer, rabbit and black walnut resistant. And they don't cause any allergies as the rumor says!

'Solar Cascade' is one of these goldenrods, except it is more happy in dry to medium moist soil, so clay is not the best type of soil, unless it is drained. The flowers "cascade" and can remind of small version of cultivar 'Fireworks'. This nativar doesn't spread and stays in clumps.

Wild species - Solidago shortii is endagered species native to Indina and Kentucky only. So cultivar 'Solar Cascade' was developed by the Cincinnati Zoo Botanical Garden Native Endangered Plant Program as part of its efforts to save the species and in comparison to species, it is more compact, shorter and not aggressive spreader.

Short's Goldenrod 'Solar Cascade' is about 2-2.5' and 1-2' wide, flower is axillary golden-yellow clusters in September to October. Hardy in zones 3 to 8.

Solidago shortii was named in honor of Kentucky botanist Dr. Charles W. Short (1794-1863).

For flower beds, traffic islands, urban landscaping, for pollinator gardens, cottage gardens, low maintenance plantings. Great as cutflower.

Can be combined with many introduced or native perennials or nativars, lets mention at least Amsonia, Asclepias tuberosa, Aster oblongiflolius, Aster novae-angliae, Aster ericoides, Aster laevis, Echinacea, Monarda, Ratibida, ...or grasses like Schizachyrium scoparium, Muhlenbergia, Sporobolus, Stipa, Pennisetum or Panicum.

Pot Size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot