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Superb late flowering show-stopper, tough plant with no pests and diseases. Deer and rabbit resistant and highly attractive for butterflies and bees.

Perennial Plant of The Year in 2018.

No wonder, why we see this amazing plant more and more in public spaces, this is one of the plants that does very well in Midwest conditions, isn't bothered by the heat, summer droughts, clay soil or overpopulated deer.

1-1.5' tall and wide. Dense mounds of glossy leaves stay ornamental for the whole season, 2" rose-purple globes appear in July-August and last for 4 weeks.

Full sun is the best, average soil with average moisture to dry soils, drained, dry, sandy, gritty soils, drier clay. Avoid waterlogged soils.

Hardy in zones 4 to 9

'Millenium' is not sterile as it's cousin 'Summer Beauty", but it is not prolific seeder as other alliums. If you want to avoid seedlings, deadhead before the seeds get ripe.

Great introduction of Mark McDonough, Allium collector and breeder from Massachusetts. Parentage of this cultivar is unknown, but tracks of genes of Allium nutans (native to European Russia to east China) and Allium lusitanicum (Europe from Northern Portugal to Ukraine) can be recognized.

Looks great in smaller groups, as well as single clumps when they repeat in the flower bed. Can be used as groundcover, even when it's not fast grower. Great combinations are with medium sized grasses (Bouteloa, Eragrostis,Muhlenbergia, Schizachyrium, Sporobolus), perennials like smaller Asters, Asclepias tuberosa, Coreopsis, Monarda bradburiana, Ruellia humilis, and many others.

Picture copyright : US Perennials nursery

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot