Andropogon gerardii - BIG BLUESTEM

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Tall prairie grass with blue-green leaves, purplish-red flowers from August/September till February.

Height without flowers usually around 5', up to 7' with flowers, 2-3' wide.

Warm season grass (develops in hot part of the year, sprouts late). Dense clumps, leaves change color from green to blue-green in summer, to orange, red and purple in the fall.Flower resemble of upside down turkey feet.

Full sun, virtually any soil, from dry to medium-moist, shallow, rocky, sandy, average soils, clay,..preferably less fertile soil.

It can be slower to establish, but once it does, it's low maintenance grass (just cut back in late winter), and very drought tolerant.

Hardy in zone 3-9, deer resistant. Native grass to most of the USA, except the western states, see the USDA distribution map.

Supports birds, but also native bees and butterflies.

For bigger beds, naturalistic gardens, prairies, meadows,very good for erosion control due to it's extensive root system - especially on infertile soils or subsoils. It will self-seed in ideal conditions.

Picture copyright : US Perennials nursery

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep pot