Aster laevis 'Bluebird' (Symphyotrichum) - SMOOTH ASTER 'BLUEBIRD'

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For this perennial, lets quote Mt. Cuba research center again :

"A Mt. Cuba Center Plant Introduction. Ranked as the #1 aster in an evaluation study at Mt. Cuba Center, this herbaceous perennial produces abundant, violet blue flowers on 3-4’ tall stems as fall color begins in the surrounding forest. It has attractive, slightly glossy, bluish-green foliage that is virtually pest-free. Bluebird smooth aster thrives in full sun to light shade with a broad tolerance of soil types and moisture levels. It makes an excellent perennial border specimen, meadow component or used in mass plantings. Some good companions include Schizachyrium scoparium, Andropogon virginicus, Rudbeckia fulgida, Eutrochium purpureum ‘Big Umbrella’, Euthamia caroliniana, Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks', and Helianthus angustifolius.

'Bluebird' was discovered in 1988 in a Guilford, Connecticut garden as a spontaneously occurring seedling. It was first introduced to the trade in 1994.

We can just add,... hardy in zones 4 to 8, flowers in September-October. Attracts butterflies and is deer resistant. Tolerant to many types of soil with medium moisture to dry, including shallow rocky soils. Drought tolerant. Great cut flower.

Picture copyright : Josiah Lau Photography, Flickr

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot