Caltha palustris - MARSH MARIGOLD

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Marsh marigolds are hardy and quite common perennials in whole northern hemisphere, in temperate zones.

This is wetland native wildflower to Midwest states, Northeast, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Canada. See the USDA distribution map.

1-1.5' tall and wide with large golden-yellow flowers in April and leathery light green round leaves. It quickly emerges in early springs, immediately followed by the flower buds. Flowers are pollinated by native bees (Giant Bee Fly, Halictid bees), honey bees, flies and other insects.

Full sun, half shade, dappled shade, moist, wet, boggy and waterlogged soils.

Unpalatable to herbivores, but seeds are eaten by Wood Duck, Sora Rail, and some upland gamebirds, as well as by small rodents.

Very nice early spring plant for shallow water, water margins, ponds or water garden, wet, boggy soils, rain gardens, wet ditches.

Picture copyright : Doug McGrady, Flickr

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot