Carex vulpinoidea - FOX SEDGE

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Robust wetland sedge for moist to wet soils, native to most of Northern America.

Forms regular clumps, evergreen look, 2-4' tall and wide (size depends on moisture and nutrient content). Bright green narrow leaves, attractive fox tail-shaped seed heads in May/June (don't last long).

This sedge provides very good wildlife support for grasshoppers, caterpillars of several skippers, caterpillars of moths and semi-aquatic leaf beetles, and many more small insects.

Some wetland birds feed on the seeds or seedheads of sedges in wetlands (the Mallard and other ducks, Sora and Virginia Rail, Swamp Sparrow and other granivorous songbirds, Trumpeter Swan, and some sandpipers. The Canada Goose browses on the foliage, large colonies of this sedge provide habitatwetland animal and nesting habitat for the Sedge Wren.

Full sun, half-shade, moist to wet or waterlogged soil. Adaptable. In good condition, it can spread rapidly and form big colonies.

Deer resistant, hardy in zones 3 to 8.

For wet meadows, marshes, roadside ditches, erosion control on wet soils, rain gardens, storm water basins, the edges of marshes, springs, lakes and ponds.

Picture copyright : Dave Lage, Flickr

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5"deep pot