Liatris spicata 'Trailblazer' - BLAZING STAR 'TRAILBLAZER' (improved 'Kobold' , short&non-flopping)

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Another great introduction from Intrinsic Perennial Gardens (Brent Horvath, Illinois) :

"Originally selected for some red tips to the foliage, this tetraploid form of Liatris spicata only reaches 24” + tall and 15-18” wide.

Thick purple flowers in summer turn black as they to go to seed. Extra showy and compact compared to the species. An improvement on ‘Kobold.’

Full sun, most any soil. Zones 4-9."

Excellent for sunny border, pollinator or butterfly garden. No flopping, can be placed closer to the path, patio or so. Great cut flower.

Picture copyright : Intrinsic Perennial Gardens