Ligusticum scoticum - SCOTTISH LOVAGE

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North-east coast native wildflower, all year interest perennial and edible plant that is successfully grown in prestigious Lurie Garden in Chicago.

Compact clumps reach 1-2' of height x 0.5-1' of width, snow white flowers from late May to beginning of July, which is the man peak of blooming (but sporadically also before and after this main season).

Dark brown-red stems, glossy dark green leaves that turn golden-yellow in the fall and then the dry seed heads makes this plant ornamental for the most of the year.

Full sun, half shade, average soil with average moisture (medium to medium-moist), preferably somewhat drained, even it's said to tolerate heavier clayish soil.

Hardy in zones 3 to 7/8.

This underused, carrot familly (Apiaceae) perennial is native to the northern coasts of North America and also Europe, see the USDA distribution map. 

Most likely it's deer resistant, but may not be rabbit resistant (no data are available, so give it a try).

In it's southern range it's missing on south facing location, so we assume, it does like some cooler areas or spot in the garden.

The whole plant is edible and Native Americans used for seasoning meat or fish, and ate it raw or cooked.

Flowers attract bees, but mostly small flies, but Swallowtail butterflies lay eggs on the leaves and stems (in the spring and late summer),so the best is not to cut the stems or dead-head the plant.

Best in flower borders or pollinator or butterfly gardens, preferably in cooler spots or cooler areas, also rock gardens (looks very nice with rocks) and seaside gardens (because it's tolerant to salt).

Pots size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot

Picture copyright : Peganum, Commons Wikipedia