Origanum laevigatum 'Herrenhausen' - ORNAMENTAL OREGANO 'HERRENHAUSEN'

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Somewhat natural looking, but the most dark purple oregano with dark red stems and reddish-green leaves.

Usually 1-1.5' tall x 1-2' wide looser clumps (in comparison with more common Origanum vulgare that usually forms dense round mounds). The flowers themselves are average purple-pink, but the calyxes that hold the flowers are very dark, sometimes in the right light nearly purle-black looking. The dark color persist on the plant for the rest of the season, since it starts to bloom (June/July) till August/September.

Full sun is the best, average soil, preferably medium-dry to dry (or average moisture). Don't plant in waterlogged soils.

It grows fairly well in clayish soil (tested here in Bloomington, IN), if not heavily mulched with bark and the soil has to naturally drain (not compacted, seeping or waterlogged clay). Loves gritty, sandy or even shallower soils (originates from drier slopes of Turkey and Cyprus).

Hardy in zones 5-9.

Aromatic leaves deter rabbit and deer, and still can be used for culinary purposes. Pollinator friendly perennial that will attracts honeybees, some native bees and butterflies.

Best in sunny border, combine with bigger summer flowers of Echinacea, Coreopsis, Rudbeckia or Platycodon and lower to medium sized grasses.

This plant is used by famous garden designer and can be seen for example in Lurie Garden in Chicago.

Picture copyright : 1 - Andrew Marrs Garden Design, 2 - US Perennials nursery