Origanum vulgare 'Rosenkuppel' - ORNAMENTAL OREGANO 'ROSENKUPPEL'

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Vegetative propagated cultivar with larger clusters of pink flowers with dark purple calyces and plum-red leaf color in winter.

Award of Garden Merit by Royal Horticultural Society (UK). Dutch selection of favorite herb, tough, drought tolerant perennial.

Slowly creeps in clumps 15-18" tall and wide. Flowers in June-July.

Full sun, half sun, half shade, average soils, average moisture (medium) to medium-dry or dry. Adaptable to soil types, but best in drier soils or drained soils.

Hardy in zones 5-7. It grows fairly well in our hot and humid climate in south central Indiana, but it may do even better in cooler areas or areas with less humidity.

Aromatic leaves deter rabbits and deer and can be used as culinary plant and flowering stems for teas and used in dry arrangements.

Attracts butterflies and honey bees.

Origanum vulgare is native to Europe and in some areas, seedling can escape cultivation.

Best in sunny or half shade flower beds, combined with plants like Achillea millefolium, Agastache, Asclepias (tuberosa, verticillata), Aster (A. leavis, A. oblongifolius, A. novae-angliae), Calamintha, Gaura, Geranium sanquineum, Eryngium, Echinacea, bearded Iris, Liatris, Monarda (M. fistulosa, M. punctata), Nepeta, Penstemon, Perovskia, Ruellia humillis, Salvia nemorosa hybrids, Sedum, Stachys, Stokesia, Solidago and medium sized grasses like Sporobolus, Muhlenbergia, Eragrostis or Bouteloa.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot

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