Polygonatum biflorum - SOLOMON'S SEAL

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Native woodland plant with nicely arching stems and nodding tubular flowers.

4' tall x 2' wide, clumps slowly spread by rhizomes to form smaller colonies. Flowers for about 3 weeks in May-June with cream white-greenish flowers. Ornamental blue-black berries are poisonous, but the rhizomes are edible (after cooked or boiled) and were often used by the Native Americans and first settlers.

The foliage turns yellow in the fall.

Half sun, but better half shade, dappled shade or shade, with average soil with some organic matter or leaf compost, average moisture to drier soil, but also moist soils. Adaptable.

Tolerates drier shade and black walnut.

Hardy in zones 3 to 9, native to central and eastern USA, see the USDA distribution map.

Attracts several species of native bees (incl. bumblebees), some butterflies.

Deer and rabbit resistant (even some sources say that deer can graze on stems).

Grateful plant, easy to grow. Combine with Actaea, medium to large Hosta, taller Epimedium, ferns, Primula, native woodland perennials end ephemerals like Iris cristata, Podophyllum peltatum (mayapple), Trillium, Polemonium, grasses like Carex, Hakonechloa, Luzula etc.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot

Picture copyright : Eric Hunt, Commons Wikipedia