Potentilla nepalensis 'Ron Mcbeath' - CINQUEFOIL

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Cushion-forming / low mound-forming perennial with carmine pink-red flowers with darker eye.

12-14" tall x 10-12" wide, pretty strawberry-looking leaves, flowers from mid May to about mid June, flowers are little under 1' in diameter.

Full sun, half sun, half shade, any drained soil - average, gritty, sandy, loam or naturally draining clay. Don't plant to waterlogged soil.

Suitable for zones 4 to 7/8.

Originates from western Himalaya (mountains of Nepal), 'Ron McBeath' is more compact form, introduced by Jelitto in 1998, that honors former assistant curator of  Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh (Scotland).

Deer and rabbit resistant.

Easy to grow and trouble free plant, just provide some drainage. Goes well with many common perennials, suitable are plants with more rough/robust structure like bearded iris or peony, tall stonecrop and medium sized grasses. For it's size, it's better in the front of the bed, or in bigger container or rock garden.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot

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