Pulmonaria 'Raspberry Splash' - LUNGWORT 'RASPBERRY SPLASH'

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Very good spring perennial for half shade to shade garden, with raspberry-colored flowers, semi-evergreen silver spotted leaves with good mildew resistance.

Ground covering clumps 0.75'-1' tall x 1-1.5' wide, densely-packed narrow leaves, raspberry pink flowers in April, fading to deep purple-pink.

Half shade, full shade, dappled shade, average soil enriched by some organic matter (compost, leaf compost, composted bark). Average (medium) moisture to medium-dry, it will grow in clay soil too, but avoid waterlogged soils.

Hardy in  zones 3 to 9 (heat zones 5 to 8).

Deer and rabbit resistant, black walnut tolerant plant.

Lungwort (in several species) is native to Europe, where it naturally grows in deciduous upper woodlands, mostly on drained soils (moist in the spring, but dry in summer).

'Raspberry Splash' is patented cultivar (U.S. Plant Patent #PP12,138, issued in 2001), hybrid between Pulmonaria longifolia ‘Bertram Anderson’ and Pulmonaria ‘Leopard’.

Best in half shade or deep shade gardens, woodland gardens, shady part of rock gardens, along shaded paths,...Good companions are native spring ephemerals (Mertensia, Uvularia, Trillium, Sanquinaria, Jeffersonia), or shade perennials like Epimedium,Bergenia, Brunnera, Helleborus, Hosta, Polygonatum, grasses like Carex or Hakonechloa and smaller spring bulbs or daffodils.

Easy to grow and long-lived perennial. Flowers can be used as cut flowers and may attracts honeybees and bumblebees (not verified yet).

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot

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