Shipping, Refunds and Local Pick-up


  1. Orders are filled or reserved on an as-received basis
  2. You will be charged when your order is processed, not when your plants are shipped. Your plants will be marked as sold and reserved until your shipping date
  3. We will ship as soon as possible and in the order received, usually within two weeks; however, springtime is our busy season which may impact shipping times 
  4. If you have a circumstance which requires a specific time frame for you to receive your order, please specify the week you would like to receive your plants - in the additional note at the end of your order.   We will do our best to fulfill your request.
  5. Due to phytosanitary restrictions, we ship only to the states bordering and east of the Mississippi river.  No international orders are permitted
  6. We ship March/April through November on Monday and Tuesday via UPS.  We ship early in the week to minimize stress on your plants. It can be damaging to the plants to sit in a baking hot or freezing cold UPS truck over the weekend, in addition to the regular shipping time. This also means your plants arrive just before the weekend, when people generally have more time to garden
  7. No minimum order requirements

Please note shipping charges are automatically generated through UPS, which are determined by total weight and delivery zone - shipping costs may vary.



We offer you local pick-up from the nursery Monday through Friday; however we require that you schedule an appointment for your arrival.  Please email us at


As a small independent nursery, we depend on our reputation and your trust to keep us in business. We want to keep every customer happy and we work with each customer individually to ensure this goal. We guarantee that our plants are healthy and properly labeled when they are shipped to you.  We take great pride in our plants, and when they are planted in an appropriate location (sited) and cared for, we are confident they will thrive.



Please open your shipment after receiving it, and carefully remove all wrapping material immediately and inspect your plants. If needed, water the plants and place them in light shade /shade area to recover for a day or two - this is important especially for sun loving plants.  

We are not liable for plant losses beyond our control, such as cultural conditions in your garden, weather, animals, or any other reasons not directly related to the health of the plant when you received it.  In no case will our liability exceed the purchase price of the plant.  If for any reason you believe your order is incorrect or damaged, please let us know within seven days, and together we will work toward a solution.

  1. Many plants are cut back before shipping - this does not impact the health of the plant
  2. Don't be alarmed if some plants arrive with crimped, yellowed or dropped leaves, this is more just an cosmetic issue - shipping conditions are not the perfect environment for plants (or other living things)
  3. Despite our best efforts to securely package every plant, minor damage sometimes occurs during shipment. Such damage is nonrefundable when it does not impact the health of the plant
  4. Occasionally, plants shipped dormant will fail to emerge. We guarantee dormant plants beyond the 7-day period, but not beyond the next growing season
  5. We do not refund shipping charges and we will not accept any liability beyond the original purchase price of the plants
  6. If there is a problem relating to damage caused by shipping, please let us know immediately.  We will either replace the plant or refund the cost of the plant
  7. All claims must be made within seven days of receiving your order


We do not sell or trade our subscriber list to other companies and we never give out phone numbers, e-mail addresses or any personal information of any kind about our customers.