Solidago flexicaulis - ZIGZAG GOLDEROD

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Woodland Goldenrod, heavy shade tolerant native plant.

Clump forming perennial with typical zig-zags between the nodes. Typically grows to 2.5-3' tall and wide, yellow flowers are arranged in small axillary clusters, bigger toothed leaves. Flowers in July to September.

This goldenrod prefers half shade, light or dappled shade and tolerates full shade too. Average soils, heavier soils, organic rich soils, loam, clay, rocky soils that are medium-moist to medium-dry. It will tolerate some droughts too and some amount of sunshine too (3 hours of direct sun or so).

Very good pollinator plant for shade - pollinated by many kinds of insects, including long-tongued bees, small-tongued bees, wasps, flies, and butterflies, caterpillars of several moths feed on the foliage.

Unfortunately this goldenrod can be often grazed by the deer.

It may spread by rhizomes and form some nearly ground covering colonies. Best planted in small groups or masses. Great for cottage gardens, half-shade borders, woodland gardens, woodland edges, low maintenance plantings, meadows, pollinator gardens, butterfly gardens.

This can be good companion of your Hostas, or Amsonia, Aster cordifolius, Chrysogonum, Cimicifuga (Actea), Eupatorium coelestinum, Geranium maculatum, Polygonatum, grasses like Chasmantium latifolium or Carex.

Native to bigger portion of USA and Canada, see the USDA distribution map.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot


Picture copyright : Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz, Commons Wikipedia