Vernonia 'Southern Cross' - IRONWEED 'SOUTHERN CROSS'

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"Brent Horvath of Intrinsic Perennial Gardens made the discovery of this hybrid Ironweed, found among Vernonia lettermanii seedlings (other parent unknown). The leaves are broader than its parent, up to ½" across. ‘Southern Cross’ can be enjoyed for its attractive, textured deep green foliage throughout the summer. It will extend the season of color when it comes into bloom in late summer, producing an airy dome of small purple flowers, similar in look to Asters. Like Asters, ‘Southern Cross’ prefers to grow in full sun.Walter's Gardens

This cultivar received 4 of 5 stars in Chicago Botanic Garden Ironweed trials.

Usually 4'+ tall x 2.5' wide, upright vase-shaped clumps. Each flower is about 1" in diameter, flowers from mid August to late September (depending on your zone). Beautiful seedheads with purple hue towards the end of the season.

Due to it's parent, it is sometimes mentioned as Vernonia lettermannii.

Full sun, half sun (6+ hours), adaptable to many soil types, including sandy, rocky soil or clay. Soil should be average moist (medium) to medium-dry. Tolerates acid soils or leaner soils.

Drought and black walnut tolerant. Deer and rabbit resistant. Attracts butterflies and some bees.

Hardy in zones 4 to 9.

Excellent perennial for sunny border with average or drier soil, can be combined with majority of common perennials. Looks well with medium to taller grasses.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot

Pictures copyright : Courtesy of Scott Weber, Flickr