Veronica spicata (wrongly named as V. wormskjoldii) - SPIKE SPEEDWELL from Lazy SS Farm

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We bought this plant from well known Lazy SS Nursery, right before the nursery closed down, as Veronica wormskjoldii in the hope to get native North American speedwell...But it turned to be Veronica spicata (most likely), which was true disappointment at the beginning. But he whole story turned well, because this selection seems to be very sturdy, healthy and reliable.

Funny thing is, that this plant was distributed by Lazy SS Farm for years, and was also evaluated under this name in Chicago Botanic Garden trials and got 4.5 stars out of 5 five! (see the chart list and picture)

Thankfully, we were slow enough and didn't compost this misslabeled plant and notice it's vigor and good performance, started to propagate it and now we offer it to you. Maybe, we should call it Lazy SS Farm speedwel, don't you think?

Grows into small, dense clumps, usually 12" x 28" wide. Flower with dark blue flowers from early June to July, but deadheading will prolong the flowering season.

Full sun or half sun is the best, average or drained soils, with medium (average) moisture to medium-dry. It prefers soils with some sand or fine gravel. Longer-lived plant on the right spot, but we recommend to divide it after 4-5 years to renew the clumps.

Hardy in zones 4 to 8.

It is said that it attracts butterflies, pollinators and even hummingbirds, but we haven't observed it. But deer and rabbits avoid it. Black walnut and drought tolerant perennial.

For it's size it is suitable for smaller beds, or edge of the bed, bigger container or trough, crevice gardens or rock gardens. don't combine with too big or spreading plants that could smother it.

Combine with shorter perennials or cultivars of Achillea, Agastache, Calamintha, Coreopsis, Dracocephalum, shorter cultivars of Echinacea, Geranium (G. sanquineum, G. dalmaticum, G. x cantabrigiense, G. renardii, G. cinereum), Helianthus 'Low Down' , Iris x barbata 'Nana' or Iris tectorum, Liatris microcephalla or 'Kobold', Paeonia, Penstemon, shorter cultivars of Nepeta, Perovskia, Phlox subulata, Phlox nivea, Ruellia humilis, Scabiosa columbaria, Sedum, Sisyrinchium or Stokesia and grasses like Sporobolus heterolepis 'Tara', Bouteloua gracilis, Koleria cristata or Muhlenbergia 'Undaunted' .

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot

Picture copyright : US Perennials nursery