Kirengoshoma palmata - YELLOW WAX BELLS

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Interesting woodland perennial from Japan and Korea with late flowering and shrubby look.

Forms quite large clumps 3-4' tall and wide and reminds of shrub, branches are nicely arching down, with waxy, thick pale yellow flowers in late summer and early fall.

Deciduous plant - the whole plants dies back for winter and comes back in the spring. Leaves are bigger, ornamental and remind a bit of sycamore leaves. Flowers have meaty thick petals and usually open only half way (stay in the shape of a bell) and maybe they even look better in the stage of buds.

Half shade, full shade, dappled shade, average garden soils can be enriched with some organic material like composted leaves or old compost. Average - medium moisture, or medium moist soil. Plants prefer somewhat consistent moisture.

Hardy in zones 5 to 8.

Deer resistant, but rabbits may nibble on young shoots! Otherwise doesn't suffer with diseases or pests.

Bee friendly plant and tolerant to black walnuts.

Best for half shade/shade garden, woodland gardens, woodland edges, under canopy of big trees, shade borders or Asian-style or Japanese gardens.

Combine with taller native perennials like Aquilegia canadensis, Aruncus, Chelone lyonii, Eupatorium purpureum, Geranium maculatum, Gillenia, Heuchera macrorrhiza or other more robust corallbells, Penstemon (calycosus, digitalis), Polygonatum, Tiarella, Tradescantia, Zizia, or grasses - sedges (Carex), Chasmantium or Hystrix. Or with non-native shade loving perennials like Anemone x hupehensis, Dicentra spectabilis, Epimedium, Helleborus, Hosta, Polygonatum, grasses like Hakonechloa macra, bamboos and native or non-native ferns.

Long-lived and safe perennial that doesn't seed around.


Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot

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