Pycnanthemum flexuosum - APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN MINT

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Aromatic plant with fluffy white flowers in late summer, followed by fluffy seedheads, true pollinator magnet.

2-3' tall x 3-4' wide, spreads wide very slowly by underground rhizomes, but it is not as aggressive as other mountain mints.Sturdy upright growth, clean green and healthy foliage. Flowers in July, August/ September.

Thrives in full sun and moist soil, but it will handle half shade and average moisture (medium) to medium dry soils.

Adaptable to many soil types, including clay, the soil is recommended to be somewhat drained.

Heat, humidity and drought tolerant plant.

Native wildflower to coastal states - Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi, where in naturally grows in wet pine savannas, open marshes etc.

Hardy in zones 5 to 9.

Due to strong mint scent is deer and rabbit resistant. Attracts many pollinators - native bees, honeybees, wasps, flies, beetles, skippers and small butterflies, host plant for larval stadium of Gray Hairstreak butterfly.

Other older scientific names include Koellia hugeri, Koellia hyssopifolia or Pycnanthemum hyssopifolium.

Excellent plant for erosion control, stabilizing stream banks, or for rain gardens, bio retention ponds, but can be added to naturalistic plantings, prairie planting, butterfly or pollinator gardens or herb collections. Looks well in flower beds too.

Picture copyright : Adam Woodruff,

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot