Sedum telephium 'Back in Black' (Hylotelephium) - TALL STONECROP 'BACK IN BLACK'

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'Back in Black' is robust sedum with nearly black leaves and creamy pink-red flowers.

Flowering time: late summer to early fall - August/September

Size: 20-24" tall x 26-30" wide clumps

USDA zones: 3 to 9

Culture: full sun, half sun, half shade.  Average soil with average moisture to drier and drained soil, drier clay. Avoid wet and waterlogged soils.

Moisture Needs: medium to medium-dry, dry, tolerant to summer droughts, heat and humidity

Origin: Europe, selection made by Hans Hansen from Walters Gardens, part of ROCK 'N GROW® collection. Proven Winner Plant. patented under PP33632 CPBRAF, propagation is prohibited.

Deer/rabbit resistant: no/yes (depends on the deer pressure)

Tolerance to black walnut: yes

Attracts Butterflies or Pollinatorsbutterflies, including Monarchs, honey bees, some native bees

Attracts Hummingbirds: occasionally

Plant combinations: Beds, larger rock garden, large containers, pollinator garden. Good companions van be Achillea millefolium (cultivars), Asclepias tuberosa, Dalea, Echinacea purpurea cultivars, bearded Iris, Lavandula, Nepeta x faasenii cultivars, Origanum vulgare and cultivars, Paeonia, Penstemon, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Salvia nemorosa, Stachys ( 'Humello', 'Summer Romance', 'Pink Cotton Candy'), other Sedum, Thymus, Satureja, Yucca, and grasses (Koeleria, Muhlenbergia, Panicum - shorter selections), Schizachyrium, Sesleria, Sporobolus, Stipa tenuissima.

Pot size: Proven Winner round pot 4.25" in diameter and 5" deep

Pictures copyright: Walters Gardens