Stachys officinalis 'Densiflorus' (Betonica) - DWARF BETONY

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Dwarf version of favorite Stachys 'Hummelo', reaching only 8-10" of height and 12-15" of width.

Pink-red spikes in June-July (shorter than the species), fresh green and a bit glossy leaves.

Full sun, half sun, half shade, medium-moist, medium to medium-dry soil. It will tolerate many soil types, if they are not too dry or too moist.

Deer and rabbit resistant, attracts butterflies, hummingbirs, honeybees and potentially some native bees too.

For the front of sunny border, naturalistic planting, cottage gardens, rock garden, big container or pollinator garden. Goes well with many common perennials, but for it's size, it has to be used for the edges or combined with other smaller or medium-sized perennials.

Hardy in zones 4 to 8.

Pot size : square 3.5" x 4" deep perennial pot

Picture copyright : Augustin Roche, Commons Wikipedia (picture shows S. officinalis)