Tradescantia subaspera 'Lss Lazy Blue' - ZIGZAG SPIDERWORT 'LSS LAZY BLUE'

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Zig-zag spiderwort is probably the most robust spiderwort and also true shade loving perennial.

'LSS Lazy Blue' has very pale blue flowers, this selection originates in Lazzy SS Nursery in Virginia (nursery closed down for retirement in 2018).

Zig-zag spiderwort likes some shade during the day - half-shade, dappled shade or medium deep shade, and it's adaptable to garden soils with average moisture (medium to medium-moist). In nature it prefers a bit acidic soil, or loam with organic content.

2-2.5' tall and wide, wider leaves support the robust look, flowers slightly over 1" in diameter.

This perennials flowers for 1.5 months, starting in May (even each flower blooms only about 1 day). Flowers open in the morning and close around noon time, and stay open longer on overcast day.

The leaves can decline in summer heat, so if this happens, the best is to cut the plant back to the ground and let it regrow with new leaves and new flowers. With cutting back, you can prolong the blooming period till August.

Attracts bumblebees as the main pollinators, Halictid bees (inc. green metallic bees), Syrphid flies.

Foliage can be occasionally eaten by the Woodland Box Turtle, Cottontail Rabbit and White-tailed Deer.

Zig-zag spiderwort is native wildflower to states east from Mississippi river and is hardy in zones 5 to 9.

Interesting and low maintenance perennial for woodland garden, shaded or half-shaded flower bed or naturalization. Good companion of Hosta.

Picture copyright : US Perennials nursery

Pot size : square 3.5" x 5" deep pot

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    Posted by Shari R on 21st Jul 2020

    Packing and shipping were great. Plant arrived healthy and has already bloomed several times. It's beautiful! A favorite in my garden.