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Posted by Radovan Hajek on 4th Feb 2022

"Monarda bradburiana is one of my personal “top ten” plants. It’s a dramatically underused plant with a (currently) small following, a following it certainly does not deserve. Most Monarda you’re likely familiar with have a high susceptibility to diseases like Powdery Mildew, leaving them totally defoliated and 100% ugly around July and August. Monarda bradburiana on the other hand is still boasting a mass of deep green, glossy leave… Read more

Posted by Jackie Finch, Herald-Times, 08/29/2020, Bloomington, IN on 6th Jan 2021

Growing up in the Czech Republic, Radovan “Rad” Hajek loved to watch his grandmother work in her colorful flower garden. “Since I can remember, being about 4, she always had a beautiful front garden full of flowers, perennials and annuals,” he says.“One of my very early memories with flowers was drawing pictures on the concrete with the flower buds of spiderwort, Californian poppies and moss rose,” he adds.Rad also would trail along aft… Read more