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Posted by Radovan Hajek, US Perennials on 21st Jan 2023

Calamintha nepeta ssp. nepeta is an excellent garden perennial notable for its adaptability, durability, very long flowering period and attractiveness for many pollinators. Named perennial of the year 2021 (announced by Perennial Plant Association, USA), it’s still unknown in landscaping in many parts of the eastern USA, which is why I decided to re-introduce this plant. If you haven’t seen it in American gardens, don’t worry because this pe… Read more

Posted by czechgardener on 14th Mar 2019

Originally posted on on October 9, 2017Hallo everyone,it’ s time to do some little resume on my work in last 2 months here in the garden. It’s rather useful, because if you think you haven’t done that much, your camera can tell you about some progress. I’m trying to take pictures of most works I do – so snap before, during and after works.This 2 acres garden has good base – big willows, oaks, gray ashes, sugar mapl… Read more

Posted by czechgardener on 14th Mar 2019

Published on September 9, 2017 on www.czechgardener.comHallo everyone,although I have some ideas of the design of the whole 2 acre land, it’s still in my head only. But I already started on several partial projects – in the most needed areas. Finally some creative work, although general maintenance is creative too.The internal organization of the whole garden also depends on creating potential rain gardens (areas for soaking extra rain wa… Read more

Posted by czechgardener on 14th Mar 2019

Here are just some pictures of individual plants, perennial combinations and bulbs, that were planted in flowering vineyard flower bed. Pictures were taken since early spring 2018 till August 2018. Flower bed was designed for non-stop flowering since early spring (bulbs) till late fall (fall asters, grasses) and should be supported by very long flowering annuals like Zinnia, Verbena bonariensis or others."Empty" areas for annuals were filled with… Read more