Phlomis cashmeriana - KASHMIR SAGE

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Kashmir Sage is smaller perennial for sunny garden with drained or dry soil.

2' tall x 1.5' wide clump, felty green leaves with grayish backside, clusters of mauve-pink flowers in June and July.

Full sun or mostly sun are the best, plus drained soils medium dry to dry (sandy, rocky, gravelly, or simply soils amended for better drainage).

Hardy in zones 5 to 8. Not well known garden worthy plant, drought, heat and salty soils tolerant perennial.

Deer and rabbir resistant plant, attracts butterflies.

Best for drained soils, rock gardens, troughs, xeriscape. Can be combine with Amsonia, Asclepias tuberosa, bearded Irises, Coreopsis, Dalea, Lavandula, Nepeta, medium or smaller grasses like Eragrostis, Bouteloa, Koeleria, Muhlenbergia, Sporobolus, Pennisetum.

Picture copyright : Jelitto

Pot size : square 3.5' x 4' deep perennial pot