Native Perennials

In this category you will find pure wild forms of North American Native plants and perennials. These plants have not been bred and offer the best support for wildlife, insects, bees and butterflies. These plants are usually vigorous and some can be very prolific or have an invasive spreading habit. We offer North American species, mostly from the Eastern part of USA or Midwestern species, but also some from the Western USA or Canada. These plants are for garden use and they may naturalize there. Even plants native in one state can become invasive in another state, where it is not originally native, but we still think that using North American species is better than bringing more European or Asian species (which can have higher invasive potential or can be bigger threat for nature).

For bigger scale or countryside naturalizing, the plantings should always be of a local native wildflower.  We recommend you to contact local Native Plants Societies or Native Plant Nursery. Native plant gardening can save the species themselves and also save native wildlife in all forms.